2nd New Haw Scout Group

Adults are a key part of Scouting - without them we couldn't run. Find out how you can help us.
Adults in Scouting - Everyone can Help
The most obvious adults in our Group are our Leaders - they run our section meetings and are all voluntary. Anyone can become a Leader - we provide training and support to all our Leaders. Being a Leader is great fun and its a great excuse to try some new activities!

Our Fundraisers help us finance the group - we need money to maintain our HQ and Minibus as well as buying canew mping and sports equipment. They run Jumble Sales, our Christmas Post, Social events and are a key part of the annual New Haw and Woodham MidSummer Event. Could you help us?

We also need adults to administrate the Group, we have a Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary which perform important tasks within the Group. Less obvious but just as important are or handymen, mechanics and quartermaster that ensure our hut, minibus and equipment are ready for our next Adventure.

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