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K11 : Our Expedition to Kandersteg, Switzerland

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When in the mountains it seems right to go mountain biking. After the late night the day before we got up a little later and after breakfast headed to the village to pick up the bikes.

Our route took us back towards the campsite and up the mountain road to the Gastenal. The first section of the mountain road was single track and was open for 30 minutes per hour in each direction. The road was literally blasted into the side of the mountain with tunnels through the cliff. It was steep so quite a few of us walked at least some of this section. We then reached the wide valley with a river running through it - our road gradually headed up following the river - we didn't reach the end of road as the road started to go up hill again and our tired legs decided we should start to head back downhill. We took a narrow path next to the river which lead to an ice cream shop (and restaurant) where we took a break before heading back to the steep section. Going downhill along the road make good use of our brakes...

Tonight we're having a quiet night before our hike tomorrow.

From Kandersteg 2011
From Kandersteg 2011
From Kandersteg 2011
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