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K11 : Our Expedition to Kandersteg, Switzerland

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After a great night's sleep we woke for our mountain breakfast. The hotel provided a typical Swiss breakfast of Muesli mised with yoghurt, cereals, fresh bread and cheese. We all ate our feel before heading out for our hike back to Kandersteg.

For our return hike we headed below the cable car following a zig-zag path that headed down to the valley floor passing waterfalls rocky outcrops and caves. At each corner different panoramas of Kandersteg opened up and we tried to spot the campsite, village pool, Rodelbahn etc.

The path was quite long and steep so we took it easy and arrived back at site at about 12:30 ready for lunch. We spent the afternoon down in the town buying gifts before we headed back to site to move a few tents around to avoid the muddy patches from the day before - they may be further rain tomorrow so we didn't want an other set of flooded tents...

Everyone is dry and happy and lookign forward to a more restful day tomorrow.

From Kandersteg 2011
From Kandersteg 2011
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