2nd New Haw Scout Group

Here is the report of day four of K9, our 2009 expedition to Kandersteg, Switzerland.

K9: Day Four


Day Four started early for the Explorer Scouts who headed off site for their overnight Hike. A K9 coach and then a smaller postbus took them from site to the start of the hike in Griesalp. The road was steep and followed a stream up to the village - spectacular waterfalls lined the route. We later found out that the road is the steepest postbus route in Europe with a gradient of 28%!

Our route was going to take us to the Bluemlisalp hut - an SAC mountain hut high on the mountain (2860m) above Oeschinensee lake. You can find a detailed route description here.

Once again the weather was hot all day - this meant fantastic views and panoramas but it also meant some hot and tired Explorer Scouts by the end of the day. Our route was up all the way initially through meadows and past farms, then through steeper pastures before reaching the ice line and a stark rocky section before reaching the edge and the hut.

The hut was a welcome home for the night. After a hearty meal of soup and pasta bolognaise, the Explorer Scouts headed to a bunked dormitory for the night. Very soon all was quiet on the mountain top...

The Scouts meanwhile had been in Adelboden Adventure Park. The park is centred around a road bridge - here a series of zip-wires, bridges and abseiling lines get the adrenalin flowing. The Scouts had a brilliant time on the wires and bridges.