2nd New Haw Scout Group

Here is the report of day five of K9, our 2009 expedition to Kandersteg, Switzerland.

K9: Day Five


What goes up, must come down - the Explorer Scouts had a hearty breakfast in the Hut before getting ready to hike down to Kandersteg via Oeschinensee. The Scouts meanwhile, were in the valley below getting ready for their low hike to Blausee.

The hut's water supply is from the local glacier - they therefore have to boil all their water and so our bottles had been filled with weak lemon tea which was not to everyone's taste. The initial descent took us past the edge of the glacier and down to the feeder lake above Oeschinensee along a narrow, exposed path. We then headed past two huts before we reached the shoreline of the lake. We stopped at the lake for lunch, play and an ice cream before heading back to site. The steep path took us under the cable car and down to the village and the end of a fantastic hike.

The Scouts meanwhile left site on a hike of their own to Blausee - the Blue Lake. The path took the Scouts along the river Kander before reaching the nature park at Blausee. The lake as well as being amazingly blue is also full of Trout which are farmed organically in the lake.