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A bunch of Lightweights....

A bunch of Lightweights....

The Scouts entered two teams into the 2006 Expedition Challenge. A total of 11 Scouts from the Troop hiked around the Box Hill area on this two day challenge.

The teams arrived at Boiderhurst Campsite at the top of the hill on the Friday night. After pitching up and demolishing a supper of Sausages and Mash the Scouts settled down for the night. At about midnight their sleep was disturbed by an enormous thunderstorm which seemed to pass directly overhead.

On Saturday after breakfast the teams took down their tents and prepared for the hike to Ranmore - about 10 miles. One of our Patrols was old enough to carry their own kit in their rucksacks - including their tents and food. By about 5pm the teams had arrived at Ranmore campsite and errected their tents ready for their second night. After dinner the teams soon settled down for a good nights sleep.

On Sunday the teams hiked back to Boiderhurst for the presentation ceremony. Depsite their young age both teams did exceedingly well and achieved Green Standard.