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Wood Badges Awarded

Wood Badges Awarded

James Nash, Assistant District Commisioner for Cub Scouts, came down to visit the Pack in April to award Kirstie and Dan their Wood Badge signifying that they have completed their Adult training.

The Wood Badge dates back to the first Leader (or Scoutmaster as they were called then) training camp in 1919. At the end of that camp Baden-Powell presented each newly trained Leader with a wooden bead taken from a necklace he had found in a Zulu chieftain’s deserted hut when on campaign in South Africa in 1888. When the original source became exhausted more beads were made to continue the tradition. Today the award is called the Wood Badge after those original african beads.As well as the beads, all Wood Badge holders automatically become members of the 1st Gilwell Park Scout Group - the largest Scout Group in the world.

Congratulations to Dan and Kirstie.